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Yes. It is the Preferred by NatureTM certification, which certifies that the vineyard's Tourist Center, located in Pirque, is implementing a coherent set of policies and procedures that support the protection of biodiversity, cultural heritage and the improvement of sustainable livelihoods for the local population.

After a pioneering sustainability audit process carried out in 2021, the Tourist Center obtained positive results in the evaluation process. Concha y Toro received a general score of 97.98%, which exceeds the 70% general compliance with the applied standard and demonstrates 100% compliance with its critical indicators.

Obtaining the certification with these excellent results came after more than a year's work between different areas of the company. Thanks to this effort, as of 2022 the Concha y Toro Tourist Center has the first certification in Chile and the world for this category of tourist services, a certification that until a while ago was known as the Rainforest Alliance and that today is operated and granted by the organization Preferred by Nature.

Tourism goes beyond just exploring. Responsible travelers connect with the local people, traditions and cultures and work to ensure their protection. By choosing to support tourist sites committed to responsible tourism, we can contribute to redefining a tourism industry that places sustainability at the heart of its operation.

That is why at Concha y Toro we are certified under the Preferred by Nature Sustainable Tourism Standardwhich implies that we are committed to the protection and conservation of our natural and cultural treasures for future generations. As part of the #PreferredbyNatureTravel community, we are committed to ensuring that responsible tourism is lived in Concha y Toro.

Our restaurant is open and running smoothly, open from 9AM to 7PM. You can enjoy lunch or snacks, trying different wines from Viña Concha y Toro.

The restaurant menu has been designed by our chefs and sommeliers, perfectly complementing the culinary experiences together with our best wines. In addition, you can always ask for a recommendation or suggestion to pair your dish in the best way.

Visits to the vineyard do not require a formal dress code. As most of our visits and tours are outdoors, we recommend wearing comfortable clothing according to the season of the year and appropriate footwear, since the tour has different types of soil. In summer we suggest the use of sunscreen and sunglasses.

In winter we recommend bringing second layers or a coat, as tours often take visitors through cold cellar areas.

If you are just starting out in the world of wine, this is the perfect experience to learn. During the visit, our guides and sommeliers will explain to you in a simple and entertaining way all the steps to taste a wine correctly. It is very valuable to follow them carefully and learn from how to have a drink, to how to taste the wine and understand its style.

Of course! In our Wine Shop you can buy various brands and varieties of wines. If you have any questions, ask our store staff.. They will gladly guide you to understand the vintages and choose the best wine for your budget and occasion.

It is possible to reach the vineyard using public transport. Moreover, we recommend using this means of transportation, taxi or private transportation to enjoy the wine tastings and not have to drive back. In this way you can enjoy and live the Concha y Toro Experience in its entirety.

Pets are not allowed in the Tourist Center, as it is a heritage site with a lot of history. Therefore, our spaces require special care and are not adapted to be pet-friendly.

If you wish to visit Bodega 1883 restaurant, please note that the entrance is on a first-come, first-served basis. We do not make reservations in advance due to the constant flow of visitors to the tourist center. However, if you are planning to visit with a group of more than 10 people or for a special occasion, celebration, or other event, please send us an email at to make reservations.

During our guests’ wine tourism experience at Viña Concha y Toro, we extend a special complimentary gift of exclusive wine glasses. However, if you want to purchase more glasses to take home, you can find a set of four glasses available for purchase at the Wine Shop or Tourist Center at the end of your tour.

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